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Family Law Update: Custody During COVID-19 in Ontario

Updated: Feb 11

In the wake of COVID-19, we have been under orders to quarantine and maintain social distancing when out in public. As a result, we have received many questions from our family law clients regarding their family custody arrangements. In this regard, Ontario Courts have advised that parents should respect the custody agreements and Court Orders that are

currently in place during the pandemic, unless there is evidence that there is a risk to the child's health. However, some minor changes to a Custody Order may be made upon mutual agreement for such things as transportation, or exchange locations as a result of new social distancing requirements, or situations where a parent is under self-isolation as a result of travel, or possible exposure to COVID-19. Furthermore, as the Courts in Ontario are only hearing family law matters that are of an urgent nature and certain matters made on consent of both parties, at this time, any motion to change a Custody Order that is currently in place must be either on consent or demonstrate that the matter is of a urgent nature and requires the immediate attention of the Court.

*The above is for general information purposes only and not to be construed as legal advice as your specific family law situation may differ and require individual attention*. Speak to one of our family law litigation lawyers by emailing us at, or reaching us by phone at 416-512-2529, and we would be happy to arrange an in person, or virtual meeting to discuss your specific situation.

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